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About Me

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Ahoy there,

Welcome to the 'About Me' page, which will hopefully operate self-evidently. Here's some factual information about me, presented thriftily for your convenience.

- Born in Melbourne, raised in Wangaratta, live in Sydney

- One tattoo on my right forearm

- Sporadic vegetarian

- Pro-revolution but would probably turn up late

- Am interested in a pet raven but do not wish to 'own' that which might otherwise be free

- Irish/Dutch heritage

- Good with memorising lists and numbers

- Bad with cooking

- Once I found a raven with a broken wing on a trip to Perth and took it to the vet

- Passionate Cryptic-Cruciverbalist

- Only remember my dreams if I wake up early in the morning

- Went to NIDA as an actor and then exactly ten years later as a writer

- I thought maybe the raven would imprint on my and fly home behind the plane when it got better

- Gemini (if you're into that)

- Cannot tango, stop asking

- When I called the vet the next day they told me the raven flew away and it was beautiful

- Would like to have a mohawk one day

- Come to think of it, that raven probably died and the vet was just protecting me

- Etc., etc.

Thanks for stopping by (you're welcome anytime).

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