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Bright Those Claws That Mar The Flesh Im

Bright Those Claws That Mar the Flesh

It's a stormy midsummer's night in the middle of nowhere. The recently accredited facilitator of a sobriety support group is preparing for his first session. One by one, the addicts arrive. Unable to be restrained, they become increasingly distracted, maniacal, and, yes, intoxicated.

A lunatic farce of degenerate horror-comedy.

'McStay's script is clever. He has woven many cultural and literary references into the text (most notably the Sylvia Plath poem The Pursuit from which the title is derived), and he brings many strange elements into one setting, continually adding more depth and unexpected plot developments, and somehow they work.'

- Bec Caton,

Old Fitz Theatre, 2016 Production

Directed by Michael McStay
Presented by Poor Tom's Gin

Cast: Jack Angwin, Sam Devenport, Zoë Jensen, Nick Masters, Meg McGlinchey, Laurence Rosier Staines, Hayley Sullivan, and Sam Trotman

Design: Jacqui Schofield

Sound: Thomas Moore

Stage Manager: Michaela Savina

Poster Image: Ryan Carter

Bright Those Claws That Mar The Flesh Im
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